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Solomon IELTS Workshop has been training hundred thousands of students from high school up over two decades since 2001 focusing on improving a 2 band score jump for majority almost at any level. It is innovative breakthrough over the market with essay functions and formulas populated in N. America and now started online.

What you’ll learn

This course mainly has three major tracks:

  1. It analyzes students’ essays in-depth and provides corrections for the problems, the cause and effect for improvement.
  2. It teaches how to choose subjects claims and object topics for the master Thesis Statement and its subordinate Topic Sentences that are the backbone of the essay.
  3. It also raises some serious issues that are largely neglected in the market, as well as innovative methods for writing first part of Introduction and Conclusion, while second part of both and Body construction will follow in the next courses.
Section 1Course 2
Lecture 1This course is well thought for you & a proven success over decades of experience!
Lecture 2Overview of basic principles about our systematic series courses.
Lecture 3This course is well thought & a proven-success for more levels of IELTS takers.
Lecture 4Course Highlights (1) -Course insight, topics, content and style, etc.
Lecture 5Basic key official elements that a standard essay should have
Lecture 6Demo the analysis of a problem essay as a base from here we start this course.
Lecture 7The concept range, nature and word choice for a Thesis Statement
Lecture 8Thesis Statement is the headquarter that makes all paragraphs
Lecture 9Exam a poor thesis sentence and improve to a strong one
Lecture 10Crown Base Conclusion -Simple reflection but powerful ending that most missed.
Lecture 11Score added Conclusion elements with new method & skillset -2
Lecture 12Categories, methods, formulas, and many more for the Body -1
Lecture 13Categories, methods, formulas, and many more for the Body -2