InstructorGrace Yan
TypeOnline Course
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Solomon IELTS Workshop has been training hundred thousands of students from high school up over two decades since 2001 focusing on improving a 2 band score jump for majority almost at any level. It is innovative breakthrough over the market with essay functions and formulas populated in N. America and now started online.

What you’ll learn

In this first course, I stress the result of a functional or misfunctioned thesis statement  that can bring in either a success or not for a high score. Through the demo and analysis of the problematic essay parts and suggested official methods, you learn to facilitate and empower your whole essay.

The most official way of writing is always the most effective. The approaches we use will save you double effort, time, and lots of complications. Most of our students have proven success over the last two decades in IELTS writing task 2, and TOEFL, SAT essays, the most heavily scored part!

Section 1Course 2
Lecture 1 Intro (1) – Solomon IETLS’s Training -teachers’ & students’ mission.
Lecture 2Intro(2)- Whom is this course for? - Target students’ requirement.
Lecture 3Detailed explanation of course highlights for major parts (1).
Lecture 4Why Thesis Statement Is so important & open essay introduction.
Lecture 5Your concern, our solutions, you name it (3) - - answers to our urgent issues.
Lecture 6What official Thesis Statement Is (2) - common mistakes with example analysis.
Lecture 7Essay analysis (1) –problematic Thesis St. & subordinates with suggestions.
Lecture 8Your concern, our solutions, you name it (3) - Answers to our urgent issues.
Lecture 9What is next course will continue? Abstract of next course description.
Lecture 10A taste of 2nd part of Conclusion lectures inside the next course (1)
Lecture 11A taste of 1 t st part of Body lectures inside the next course (2)