Class Booking


  1. Choose/click on weekday / course / color you’ll take, it will lead you to
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  2. Color of the course on right bar and on Calendar:
    • Yellow: #1 -Essay Analysis;
    • Blue: #2 -Essay Parts;
    • Green: -#3 -Th St & TSs ranges.
    • Purple: 1 on 1 Tutoring.
  3.  Book the courses at least 1 week in advance with our secured site!
  4. You can finish all 13 courses in a week as a term (full week schedule).
  5. There are 4 weeks /4 terms /4 cycles in a month to choose from. 
  6. Schedule will change when new courses added in.

Course Descriptions


#1 per Mini course 1-4:
Analysis & practice
$25 /45 min /section

#2 per Mini course 5-8:
Pre-requisite required.
$30 /45 min /section

#3 per Mini course 9-13:
Pre-requisite required.
$35 /45 min /section

1:1 Private Tutoring
$45 /45 min /session
Time between classes.

(Attention: There are 6 video course tutorials on Home Page, besides lots of courses’ information, we hope it is enough for you to take reference for registering your sessions with care.

Fees are extendable for next time and other courses, but no refund for online price standard & procedure.

Tutorial sample courses will rotate in time on Home page, and you can see a lot more of our course segments on our YouTube channel playlists. See my channel)


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