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All of our courses are officially referenced from exam papers by Cambridge English Language Assessment.

Social Reviews:

1. My previous IELTS were 6 which was enough for my college admission. But after I had taken this course and used Solomon’s methods, I got to 7 in 6 weeks! Now I can apply to some good universities. This is really a very helpful, creative, and interesting course that I highly recommend!

Richard M, Student

2. I am new to IELTS writing. I tried some exercises and I have practiced writing an official thesis statement and made a few topic sentences from it! My school teacher thinks I can get a 6 in IELTS, but I got 6.5! I am so happy, thank you very much, Grace!

Andy R. Bennett

3. I Like nicely designed videos with music that are enjoyable and easy to learn, while pictures and diagrams are very useful and easy to remember too! This makes essay writing, no longer abstract and boring, thank you for the hard work!

Julie L, A Student

And more.…


We mean to offer a rare, in-depth, and complete course system (that covers all issues):

     Course #1 mainly analyzes real-life essays’ major issues & problems resulting from an incomplete/implied Thesis Statement. It allows you to see deeply and broadly with this essay’s backbone.

     Course #2 teaches how to write each part of the Thesis Statement and Topic Sentences (Part I) provided with methods and formulas as well as other essay topics.

     Course #3 is a final call (Part 3) for Thesis Statement & Topic Sentences that support up & down 3 levels. It compares both of these while focusing on TS analysis. Body and other essay topics are also included.

     Course #4 uses skill sets to upgrade commonly neglected Intro & Conclusion, which allows you to earn more scores that weighs the same as Body does, alongside Body Part 2 topics.

     Course #5 is about Body sentence types, example sources, question types, layouts, grammar, word choice, transitions, word count, brainstorming ideas & evidence, extra.

     The Last #6 will evaluate a collection of formulas, functions, and important diagrams, as well as score 5,7,9 essays in comparison & summary, and more.

Besides a focus, each course also starts with a small part of other courses that build up progressively prior to its course and a continuation in depth.


These systematic courses are newly released solutions that offer a breakthrough in learning difficulties. It has been made interesting and easy with music & picture-guided videos enriched with analysis, diagrams, suggestions, formulas, and practice. They start from basic concepts and sentence parts and are guided step by step.

This is our devotion to supporting you in achieving this IELTS essay writing task II, the most heavily scored part!


What are the requirements or prerequisites?

  1. If you have taken a junior high English writing course, or have prepared for writing tests from a non-English speaking country, you can take this course!
  2. You can read easily, or check a few words, the simpler essays I choose here. The speed I talk is said in right pace and clear. Most words are in the slides and assisted with pictures, diagrams, short animated lines.
  3. This is #2 course is recommended to be taken after #1 which is more of essay-analysis and practice-base, but it is optional, and you can come back for it any time.

Who are these courses for?

    1. Anybody looking to immigrate to English-speaking countries who require IELTS entry would take this fast track course to gain a high IELTS total score with this high score percentage essay task II section.
    2. Any students and professionals who need IELTS as an international standard to prove their English proficiency at work, and credentials to enter the industry.
    3. Anybody who is preparing themselves to enter into medical professionals and nurses who have more experience than English skills need to pass the IELTS exam besides their heavy courses.

#3 -What will you learn?

  1. You will be able to write a non-implied Thesis St with a strong claim knowing what words to choose for both subject and objects.
  2. You will be able to write an official Thesis St with controlling ideas for the Body to avoid off-topic complications.
  3. You will be able to set the vertical concept level and horizontal content between Th St and TSs and among TSs from our 10+10 sample analysis.
  4. You will be able to write Topic Sentences fast with ready ideas instead of brainstorming ideas on the go as a central link up and down support.
  5. You will be able to write a strong Body with equally important and broad enough aspects of the argument to support your claim.
  6. You will be able to easily write a sufficient 3-example-in-3-paragraph Body with our options without running out of sources.
  7. You will be able to write fast convincing examples with the choices from our 3 + 8 source categories.
  8. You will be able to rephrase ideas in the Conclusion instead of repeating or summarizing for a powerful closure.
  9. You will be able to write a fast and strong essay opening and ending for the Introduction and Conclusion by using our methods.
  10. You will be able to master our skill set to avoid pitfalls through our enriched analysis, practice, formulas, and homework. 

It is highly recommended that you take mini-courses in its order for the best learning


Purchase any mini-courses from #1- #3 for Zoom classes.

Each course has a few Mini-courses to purchase for Zoom classes.
You can choose randomly unless recommended as a pre-requisite. 

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A few more points to share…

Are you concerned that your English is not good enough? Fortunately, for essay writing in Test Prep exams, you don’t have to be colloquially native-like as slang in spoken English, so long you are learning formal English such as written English in the syntax or grammar accuracy which is taught in all international schools.

  1. Learning a second language as an adult is different from acquiring a first language. Writing an essay requires a formal written style, not natively spoken language, which can be formulaic, like grammar/structures.
  2. As such, a non-native teacher who has learned successfully through the same path himself or herself knows how to help better. As TESOL professionals, we know a lot about how the 1st and 2nd language acquisition can both transfer and interfere with one another. These help to develop better methods to assist with 2nd language learners’ learning stage characteristics and difficulties, therefore, preventing certain pitfalls.
  3. Through teaching Test Prep for over two decades in TOEFL, SAT, and GRE, and over one decade for IELTS, I have gained significant experience. Now that essay writing has become my specialty, I have created a fast track of score-jump courses.

I hope you speak, particularly write highly educated English better than the majority of native people, regardless of your slight foreign accent which represents your unique identity!